Business Clean Up

Friday 16 February 2018

While Clean Up Australia Day has been historically viewed as a program for individuals and community groups to help create a healthier environment, the program also provides fantastic opportunities for businesses.

Businesses are encouraged to register and take part in the Business Clean Up Day on 27 February and take advantage of the opportunity to engage with staff, customers and the local community.

Just two hours spent participating in the program can provide great benefits to your organisation. including the opportunity to break down barriers between departments, promote physical activity outside of the normal operating environment and improve teamwork.

It also provides the opportunity to put corporate social responsibilities into action, demonstrating your business’ ability to deliver on its promises.

You can choose how you will participate – does your workplace need rubbish removal or is there a nearby community park or public space that would benefit from some attention? AlburyCity’s Energy & Sustainability Officer can assist in providing some suggested locations in the event you need some inspiration.

Don’t forget to register your business and promote your participation via social media, signs at your workplace or via your website. Clean Up Australia Day provide a host of resources for businesses who participate including a clean up kit, event logos, posters, registration forms for volunteers and even thank-you certificates.

More information can be found on the Clean Up Australia Day website.