Business Feature: Albury Wodonga to the world

Monday 27 May 2019

Six years ago, recognising the insurmountable hurdles, intense competition and sky high overheads associated with starting a business in Brisbane, or any other capital city, Ben Eshelby sought the chance to start a business in a regional city.

Disenchanted with the traditional community pharmacy business model, Ben knew he wanted to create a business that provided tailored solutions for its customers.

"More and more frequently, people are requesting and requiring medicines that are not commercially made,” Ben said.

“We make personalised pharmaceutical and skincare solutions for those who cannot find what they need off-the-shelf.”

Border Compounding Pharmacy started in Lavington in 2013, before relocating to the Albury CBD at the end of 2017.

Thinking outside the box, Border Compounding Pharmacy focuses on creating unique medications and skincare products designed to suit its individual customers. They consider themselves to be a leader in the compounding pharmacy field. Unsurprisingly, the business will be amongst the first compounding pharmacies in Australia to attain pharmaceutical compounding accreditation by an internationally recognised standards organisation.

Seeing fantastic results for its customers, the business has since developed a national and worldwide following with regular orders from the United States, United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Peru.

Ben and his business partner Lee McLoughlan have been carefully concentrating on laying solid foundations for sustainable growth.

“It was important for us to be comfortable with our operating model and the quality of our products before expanding,” Ben explains. “The time is right for us to shift our focus from regional to national.”

Despite their plans for expansion, Ben and the team are sold on Albury Wodonga as the home for their business and look forward to reaping the benefits of the connected location, complementary industry base and supportive community.

Ben and Lee