Business Feature: Regional operations, national success

Wednesday 26 February 2020

As pop-up and permanent shipping containers continue to gain popularity around the world, WOTBOX have cemented their place at the forefront of high-end container modifications.

Founded by Alex Wilson, owner and director of White Label Events, WOTBOX brings together Alex’s passion for design and architecture with well-polished construction and engineering application.

WOTBOX’s custom container builds have made happy customers of national brands including Jim Beam, Moccona Coffee and Danone and has seen shipping containers transformed into bars, cafes, art galleries and community spaces.

WOTBOX are able to source almost all of their core materials locally and transport the products across Australia using both the local rail hub at Ettamogah and quality local transport suppliers.

“We’ve found that having a regional manufacturing location is an advantage rather than an impediment to growth,” Alex said.

"The area is an important distribution base for our core materials, so it’s sometimes easier to access other regions from Albury Wodonga than metro locations!"

Cost savings are also a welcome regional reality for Alex. “Operating in a regional location meant that we could set up and source great contractors at a fraction of the cost than in Sydney,” he said.

These cost savings have also allowed Alex to remain resident in Sydney, while operating his business in Albury Wodonga.

“It’s more cost effective for me to fly in and out regularly and stay in local accommodation, than manufacture in Sydney,” he said, “particularly in relation to the cost of industrial land.”

“With current technology, it’s easy to communicate remotely with the team and track progress on any projects."

For WOTBOX, Albury Wodonga offers more than just a connected location. “We have everything we need here – the workforce, suppliers, transport links and the room to grow.”

“Not only that, but it’s an incredible place to access the Victorian snow fields during winter, and Lake Hume in summer, giving every business trip the chance to feel a little like a holiday!”

The community aspect of their regional location also aligns with the company’s values and has played a large part in development of public shipping container application. With sustainable growth of communities in mind, Alex looks forward to an innovative approach to the role of multi-container developments in the regeneration of unused spaces.

You can find out more about the advantages of doing business in Albury Wodonga here.