Council gives green light to cinema development

Wednesday 16 January 2019


Wodonga Council has given the green light to the development of a cinema and entertainment facility on the Junction Place site.

The Council granted a planning permit at the November Council Meeting for the development on the corner of Elgin Boulevard and Smythe St.

The development will include a 10 theatre cinema with more than 2000 seats; six restaurants; three convenience restaurants with drive-through; and, an entertainment facility with bumper cars and laser tag, soft play area, bar, karaoke and function rooms.

It will also include two basement car parks with more than 300 spaces.

In granting the permit, the Councillors spoke of their excitement in seeing the project come to fruition and how it was a consistent ask from the community.

Wodonga Mayor Cr Anna Speedie reiterated that the development was not just about a cinema but a complete entertainment facility.

"The number one thing, continually, from our community, from our young people, is an entertainment facility like this," Cr Speedie said.

"It will provide new jobs, it will provide new economic stimulus, but it will also provide opportunities for our young people not only with jobs but also in the entertainment area.

"This is an incredible step forward again for our city centre and it just continues to blossom.

"It is going to be a landmark building for our future, for our city and for our people."


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