Re-energising Wodonga’s City Heart

Thursday 22 August 2019

Wodonga’s new look High Street was officially opened on August 10. Works on the south end of High Street began on 14 January. Funded by the National Stronger Regions Fund to strengthen the city heart as a highly attractive and functional centre, benefits are already being experienced by existing and new businesses, property investors, residents and visitors.

The project was funded by both Wodonga Council, the Victorian Government and National Stronger Regions Fund. Works included improving drainage and levelling the road, installing new street lighting, and landscaping. Accessibility has also been improved with the removal of kerbing, making the entire surface flat.

Other new additions to High Street include:

  • Three zebra crossings
  • 21 seats
  • 46 planter boxes
  • 100 mature trees
  • 200 tree uplighters
  • 1495 metres of pipes
  • 134,000 pavers

The final result has improved traffic and pedestrian linkages and helped re-energise the growing city, making it a destination with a difference. Now offering a range of niche retail offerings, restaurants, services, and family friendly spaces, Wodonga’s CBA is the ideal location for investors or businesses.

View the Wodonga major projects website here.