Recognising the Economic Impact of Events in Albury Wodonga

Thursday 15 November 2018

With Albury Wodonga events attracting more than 193,000 people in 2017, events have a significant impact on the community from both an economic and social perspective. These events provide important opportunities for businesses to capitalise on additional visitors to the region.

Events, particularly those attracting visitors for overnight stays can have a substantial impact on Gross Regional Product and employment opportunities for the region.

According to economic modelling, events in Albury Wodonga generated an economic output of $68.5 million in 2017. This impact can be felt directly across accommodation providers, cafés, restaurants, retail outlets, and indirectly through a host of support industries.

Albury Wodonga hosts events across a number of genres including sporting carnivals, arts and music festivals, car shows, business conferences and charity events, amongst many others.

In terms of economic impact, the biggest events in 2017/18 included the Australian Country Junior Basketball Cup, the Australian Dragon Boat Championships, the Midnight Oil Concert, the Albury Gold Cup and the Australian Polocrosse Championships.

Your business can leverage positive outcomes from these events by planning ahead and thinking outside the box. Consider going online by geo-targeting event participants through Instagram with relevant advertising content or join in the sense of community often created through these events by curating related social media content. You could host your own business event that aligns with the larger city event, offer promotions and sales or think about the possibilities for sponsorship to get your brand front and centre of the visitors to our cities.

A major events calendar can be downloaded from the Industry section of the website to assist with planning.

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