Small businesses called to charge up their energy savings today!

Tuesday 19 June 2018

In 2017, the Energy Affordability Package was announced to save NSW households and small businesses hundreds of dollars a year off their energy bills. The package includes rebates, upgrades to appliances and equipment, access to training resources and the removal of exit fees when changing energy retailers, so consumers are free to choose the best deal.

What is on offer?

  • Energy efficient lighting upgrades – Households and small businesses can access a discounted lighting upgrade offer, NSW Government will be subsidising the new lighting systems installations and bulb costs, through approved suppliers.
  • Training services - Small businesses can participate now in online training courses and webinars that are tailored to their unique needs. All learning opportunities are flexible, easy to access and free of charge for small businesses in NSW.

The full list of programs and how to access offers is available on the Power to Save website