Smart Progress for Albury Wodonga

Tuesday 26 February 2019

Smart community initiatives in Albury Wodonga are set to progress in leaps and bounds with a specialist, Lisa Ryan, commencing as the Smart Community Coordinator this month.

Working collaboratively between the AlburyCity and Wodonga Councils, Ms Ryan will be progressing delivery of the Smart Community Framework. Designed to improve city services and quality of life, the Framework has identified 18 activity areas, ranging from health and education to waste collection and water management. The focus of the initiatives will be to meet the needs of a modern community and create an environment where people and businesses can thrive.

Initiatives will build on some of the ‘smart’ projects already underway across our region including free WiFi in the Albury CBD, solar powered Big Belly Bins in Wodonga, upgrading central irrigation systems in Wodonga and cross-border projects to improve old technologies in streetlights by upgrading them to LEDs, reducing electricity consumption and costs.

Albury Wodonga’s adoption of the Smart Community Framework is predicted to stimulate economic growth and further attract investment, in turn increasing employment opportunities, local business competitiveness and strengthening our position as a major regional hub.

Join us in capitalising on the opportunities presented by exciting advancements in digital technology.  We encourage you to keep informed on the progress of the Smart Community Framework to identify suitable opportunities for your business.

Find out more and get involved

  • More information on the Smart Community Framework is available here.
  • A copy of the Smart Community Framework is available here.

Another #TwoCitiesOneCommunity initiative.