Updated master plan for Baranduda Fields

Monday 11 February 2019

An artist impression of the Baranduda Fields pavillion

Wodonga Council adopted an updated master plan for Baranduda Fields at its December council meeting.

The update was undertaken to establish a new vision for the site and, based on feedback and further planning works since the plan was last updated in 2012.

It takes into consideration the latest data on sporting demand and needs of the city’s growing population.

In moving the motion, Deputy Mayor  Cr Kat Bennett noted the updated master plan gave greater consideration to the Wodonga Retained Environmental Network.

She noted Baranduda Fields was still a focus for the council but it did not mean our existing facilities wouldn't still remain high priorities.

Cr John Watson concurred.

"We haven't lost sight of our current sporting facilities in Wodonga and we have done some upgrades and different improvements, however, we do have a fantastic opportunity out at Baranduda Fields," Cr Watson said.

"For the development of the fantastic Leneva Valley, we do need community assets out there but this is long-term project.

"If we don't have a dream, don't have a vsion, then we don't go anywhere.

Cr Libby Hall noted the extensive work that had gone into the master plan as well as the stakeholer eand community engagement that had been undertaken to inform this update.

Cr Mildren said Baranduda Fields was an important component of growth into the future and any works should be undertaken in a methodical and informed manner.

The master plan includes a new staged delivery plan with:

  • A three pitch soccer facility moved forward to a stage 1b priority;
  • Inclusion of gymnastics facility in the indoor facility development as a stage 1b priority;
  • One hockey pitch development included in stage 2 with an additional hockey pitch moved to stage 3;
  • Lawn bowls facility moved from stage 3 to stage 2 priority; and,
  • Athletics complex deferred from a stage 1b to a stage 2 priority.

The master plan also includes identification and concepts around broader recreation and community social uses within identified precinct areas greater detail and consideration of the Wodonga Retained Environmental Network land.

The investment in current facilities is still a high priority for the council to ensure that current needs are serviced and that demand and access can be spread across facilities and maintained at a neighbourhood level.

The document is a long-term master plan and the council recognises that each facility development will require significant investment and support from a variety of external funding bodies including state and federal governments as well as state and national sporting bodies.

During the course of the review, plans for a pavilion for stage 1a were finalised (pictured) and form part of the master plan documentation. The pavilion plans will be ready should a future funding opportunity emerge.

The adopted Baranduda Fields master plan can be found here.

Article courtesy of Wodonga Council Newsroom.