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Putting the future of food on the table, with sustainable food design and technology, set to scale up production capacity.

Successful manufacturers continue to set up in our region, one that continues to challenge the norms and change the way the world thinks about and consumes meat is the Australian plant-based meat company, v2food.

The company’s plant manager, Dave Putt, said the food technology company’s innovative approach to food design and technology, is backed by science.

“We are very ambitious when it comes to addressing the sustainable issues that come with sourcing alternative protein options that use a small carbon footprint.”

“We are making plant-based food that not only tastes great, but is priced comparable to meat products. We want to appeal to the average consumer, providing a delicious, nutritious alternative for anyone who loves the taste of meat, without having to pay a sustainability premium.”

“After a trial at CSIRO we started with Hungry Jacks, and are now supplying to Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and Drakes across the country. In December last year, we opened our Wodonga site, which is now at centre of our manufacturing.”

The project saw $20M invested regionally to build the sustainable processing facility. Described as a world-class food production facility, the 55,470 square-metre site has been refitted with new equipment, and currently employs 25-30 people with room to grow.

“We plan to double our production output, with opportunity to recruit more people locally and those wanting to relocate to the region. Our team come from diverse roles and backgrounds, including corporate, research and development and factory operators.”

v2foods might be at the beginning of its 2 year journey, but the Australian company has a global vision. “We’re exploring future plans to develop our raw materials across the Border, with discussions being really positive with the Invest Albury Wodonga team,” Dave said.

Using science to back their decisions and map out the future, they plan to grow their production capacity and global exportation efforts, with a focus on upstream products like soy bean.

A great example of a company driving sustainability and making a real impact on our planet.

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